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More than 12 years of experience and hundreds of MegaWatts!

Tamesol is a Spanish manufacturer of solar panels, specializing in crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules and turn-key solar systems solutions for water pumping, instant availability power, and stored power.


Tamesol is headquartered in Girona, Spain, and holds three different manufacturing facilities in Asia, providing a total yearly production capacity of 500mw. Recently, Tamesol has expanded to a warehousing facility in Rotterdam, and established a subsidiary company in The United States of America. This expanded subsidiary serves the entirety of the US market.


Founded in 2005, Tamesol has since grown to serve over 30 different countries, and has recently been acquired by British multinational solar power services organization Solar International Group, Ltd.

Manufacturing Process

Tamesol employs a diverse, decentralized manufacturing process spread throughout several factories. Products from these facilities are shipped to warehouses in Rotterdam, while the headquarters in Girona hold the research and development facilities and design facilities of the company.


The company has been noted for the low production costs of their photovoltaic modules and solar panels, and for the high efficiency of their flagship TM-Series solar panels. Tamesol has shipped over 2 million total solar modules since 2005.


Projects and Products

Tamesol has two primary product lines – the flagship TM Series® solar panel and fully integrated TM Systems® which provide all-in-one kits for solar projects.


Tamesol TM Series® solar panels are available in both polycrystalline models and monocrystalline modules, in power ranges of 30-340Wp. These solar panels utilize a proprietary advanced glass design, PID resistant technology, and robust corrosion free modules to provide a lifespan of up to 30 years.


Tamesol TM Series® solar kits are available for a variety of applications, and can be purchased for instant power consumption and transmission, specialized for long-term energy storage, or built for direct water pumping capabilities.

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